Xingyi Chuan (Xingyiquan)


Shui Tao Internal Martial Arts instructor performing Dragon Form from Xingyi

'Strong stances and linear movements and great for coordination' 


Xingyiquan (Form Intention Fist), sometimes also spelt Hsing I, is probably the second best known Internal Martial Art of China. If you had little understanding of the Internal Arts and was seeing Xingyi being practiced for the first time, you might confuse some of the basics for a style of Karate. This is because it is very linear in it's nature and the basics are very clean and repetitive. It is also very powerful and the hardest or most 'External' of the three main styles.

To the 'Trained Eye' however there is the 'Internal' aspect that sets Xingyi apart from the likes of Karate, giving it a softness in the transitions which lead into highly explosive power.

All Xingyi styles are based on 5 Elements and 12 Animals, although these were probably adopted later to give the art more depth and philosophical content as was the case with Baguazhang, this is however different to Taijiquan which was originally based on the theory of the cosmos and the 'Tao', or path.


Xingyiquan like Taijiquan, is another art steeped in legend and attributed by some to General Yue Fei 960 - 1279 AD especially in light of Xingyi's militaristic nature and influence of the spear. But again there is no real evidence to verify this claim.

Ji Longfeng

So if we again look to historical records, the earliest practitioner would appear to be Ji Longfeng in the 17th Century. Ji Longfeng's nickname was also 'The Divine Spear' in regards to his known prowess with the weapon. The art he practiced at the time was known as Xinyiquan (Heart Mind Fist).

Cao Jiwu

Cao Jiwu was the first student of Ji Longfeng and the main successor to his style of Xinyi.


Dai Longbang

Dai Longbang learnt the art of Xinyi from Cao Jiwu and went on to found Dai Family Xinyi and write the Xinyi/Xingyi Classics.

Li Luoneng

Li Luoneng, founder of Xingyi

nicknamed 'Divine Fist Li' was next in line and after learning from Dai Wenxiong (Dai Longbang's son) in the 1800's, then went on to create the modern and renamed 'Xingyiquan' (Form Intension Fist) as it is know today, be it in various guises due to different branches.

Guo Yunshen

Guo Yunshen, founder of Hebei Style Xingyiquan

'The Steadfast' was a famous student of Li Luoneng. A legendary tale reports him as having been incarcerated for killing a man with his Beng Quan (Driving Fist), and when confined to a prison cell only being able to practice the Tiger shape movements due to his hands being tied by chains.


Guo was the founder of Hebei Provence Xingyi, which is my lineage.

Sun Lutang

Sun lutang, founder of Sun Style Xingyi

A renowned fighter, learned the Hebei branch of Xingyiquan from Guo Yunshen. Sun also went on to learn and found his own family systems of Baguazhang and Taijiquan.

Sun Lutang taught Li Yulin and his son Li Tianji (nicknamed Longfei or Flying Dragon).


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