Stuart Ford standing in Santishi Posture, the main guard stance in Xingyiquan and some other Internal Martial Arts

Shui Tao, which means ‘The Way of Water’, is a mixed martial art based on the various systems I have practiced. But mostly it centres around the three main Internal Martial Arts Systems of China; Tai Chi, Bagua, and Xingyi.


Also known as 'Kung Fu' or 'Wushu', these fighting systems can be as deeply ingrained into the body as they are into history and legend.


Shui Tao tries to adapt and overcome by being versatile and flowing in it’s nature, but martial arts are not purely about fighting, they are also about everything in life, so when we talk about versatility and flowing this also refers to your general state of mind and how things work in the natural world and the path or ‘Tao’ that you follow, your personality defines your actions and vice versa.


Kung Fu students performing a roundhouse kick
  • Improve health, fitness, coordination, temper and cognitive ability
  • Gain Focus and confidence
  • Learn the art of fighting and self defence in a non-aggressive environment
Chinese Boxing hip-throw technique
Tai Chi Push-Hands practice

  • Find balance in mind, body and spirit and harness energy flow, this is the secret to gaining great strength and power!
Finely balanced pebbles depicting the balance achieved in mind and body in Internal Martial Arts