Here are a few kind words and pics from people I have trained over the years.


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Shui Tao Internal Martial Arts student being awarded his black belt

Benjamin Craigie


I have been studying martial arts under Stuart for over 11 years and never cease to be astounded by his dedication and ability.  He inspires me now as much as ever and consider myself very lucky to have him as my mentor.

Shui Tao Internal Martial Arts student wearing her medal after winning a competition

Tessa Aston


Long standing client of Stuart's and he knows his stuff.  Prepare to work hard and reap the rewards.  Stuart has gained much experience over the years and is keen to pass his knowledge on.  Try some sessions!

Shui Tao Internal Martial Arts student wearing his medal after winning a kung fu competition

Leo Borwick


I am a long-time client of Stuart's and would highly recommend him as a fitness and martial arts instructor. He is a dedicated teacher who constantly seeks to expand his own considerable knowledge and techniques and to pass the benefits to his students.

Shui Tao Internal Martial Arts student receiving a trophy after winning a competition

Carly Packer



Excellent club to be a part of, Stuart always demonstrates passion in his teaching of martial arts.His knowledge, techniques and guidance is phenomenal!

An excellent patient instructor and mentor, I would highly recommend him.

Shui Tao Internal Martial Arts student wearing his gold medal after winning a tournament

John Ford



Based on traditional Chinese practice, Shui Tao is a great club where you can learn martial arts in a friendly and focused environment. Without fail, I leave every training session having learned something new.

Andy Woodward



A really rewarding experience, regardless of age or skill level - definitely recommended.

Ines Moura



Great club and great instructor. Recommended!